Paying importance to one’s preference and characteristics has become a new trend, rather than purchasing the same products as others.
That’s why there are many stores in Gangnam which provide customization services to its clients.
Join MC Justin Choi as he introduces places around Gangnam which offer customization services.
You can have a pair of sneakers which show off your distinct qualities, and you can purchase a pair of glasses which fit you perfectly.
There’s also a customized coffee roasting service which roast your coffee beans the way you want them to.
There’s also a recording studio where you can record your voice on a CD and you can make your own personalized perfume and
have your initials engraved on your one-of-a-kind watch.
You can even have a personal shopper help you shop for pieces of clothing which look good on you.
Spend some time so that you can love yourself and pay importance to your personal preferences.