The history of K-Pop is rewritten every year.
K-Pop can easily be accessed worldwide and is well-loved.
The district of Gangnam is known for the development of K-Pop
and visitors can experience the Korean music culture wherever they go.
You can check out a contact-free concert with top-notch K-Pop artists,
and visit a coffee shop that’s become a must-visit location for K-Pop fans.
Plus, visit a restaurant that was frequented by a top K-Pop group We tell you all about K-Pop in Gangnam!
We tell you all about K-Pop in the district of Gangnam!
Check out a contact-free concert with top K-Pop groups
and visit a restaurant that used to be frequented by BTS members since they were trainees.
We also give a shot at recording a song by visiting a recording studio and working
with a producer who made countless K-Pop hits. Enjoy everything about K-Pop in Gangnam.